About 26 years ago my family moved to Oregon and my aunt Cathy helped me fall in love with art. About 22 years ago I got my first camera (It took 110mm film for anyone who remembers what that is!) and I fell in love with taking pictures. Around 16 years ago I got my first REAL camera and started to develop my portfolio and pursue a career in photography. FINALLY 13 years ago I officially started and licensed “Visualize Photography”. It has been an amazing journey to say the least. We feel very grateful to have a portfolio that includes images from over 100 weddings, includes images taken in many states across the US as well as 11 countries from across the globe. Visualize Photography started as one (which would be me- JoHanna) but has expanded to include my husband and fellow artist/photographer Andy who not only brings his creative ideas and thoughts to the table but his ability to carry out and build some of my crazy ideas as well!


We love capturing everything from the simple love between families to the extreme. What’s the extreme? Well, were always looking to expand on our definition of that but feel free to check out our portfolio to see what we’ve came up with so far, whether it’s 6 foot tall couches, or burning couches… Or possibly just sweet lovey couple images- even if they require 38 balloons to be tied to a canoe and the photographer to be in a pond- in January!! All this to say- we love it and we hope you love what you’ve seen.